These Are Your People

As a life-long social ignoramus, my 30's have been a decade of fine-tuning my definition of friendship. In the spirit of complete honesty, there are times when I still struggle with the concept of needing a field party's worth of people who like me and invite me and want to be my friend. I have found, though, that you don't actually need a dump truck full of acquaintances to thrive in life. It's nice to know a lot of people and it's fun to hang out with different groups, but those are not necessities. You need just a few great people. Your People.

Your People are the friends who have earned that title. The friends you call when you have nothing to say but you just miss them and end up reminiscing for an hour about that crazy week together at church camp when you were 14. The same ones who drop off Killer Brownies and a sixer of your favorite brew when you're suffering, but they don't stay because you need a minute to stuff your mouth and sob little brownie bits into your beer glass without anyone watching you drink it anyway. The friends who cook your family dinner, and then clean up after themselves, when you bring your newborn home from the hospital. The people who genuinely smile when you stop by unannounced because they seriously love your face as much as you love theirs - and oh hey, careful of the dog poop because we haven't scooped it in a week. Nobody has to stop their life, wipe off the sticky counters, hide the dirty laundry or even pretend to care one bit about any of those things, because there is no judgement here.

These friends know your quirks and your oddities, and they love you more for them. They know about that time you shit your pants, and they are not afraid to bring it up. They know what it sounds like when you cry, and you know it sounds a lot like 2 people crying together. They will tell you when you are amazing, and they will remind you when you are most definitely not being amazing. They are the friends who can laugh with you, about you or AT you without consequence.

You can say anything to these people. Anything. You don't have to agree with them or see eye to eye - you still love them. You occasionally get angry with them, but you get over it. You will count your blessings whenever you think of them. You wonder what you would ever, in a million bajillion years, have done without them in your life. You might not see them in person for weeks or months or years, but it never matters.

These are your people. Take great care with them.


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