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No One Told Me About Teenagers

 No one tells you  Your heart is both the strongest and the most fragile it has ever been. It will shatter and mend, shatter and mend, over and over.  No one tells you All those tears you catch when your babies are small? You absorb them. They stick with you for a time. You'll release them gradually over the years. Sometimes it feels like all at once. No one tells you It can feel so isolating, parenting teens.  When they're little, you share so much with other parents. You laugh about diaper blowouts, commiserate over parking lot tantrums and even shed a few tears together on the first day of school.  As teenagers, their experiences are not necessarily yours to share or laugh about or commiserate. They are still yours to cry over, but silently. Alone.  No one tells you You feel what they feel. Your heart hurts when they hurt.  No one tells you You'll have to go back to high school. No one tells you it might be harder to survive the second time around. No one tells you Your

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