LGBT history in schools: A Rant to the Comment Section

A large portion of Americans are all twisted up about Illinois House Bill 246, requiring their schools to teach LGBT history. Below you will see the most common concerns I found while scrolling social media, and my subsequent responses.

We should be teaching our kids basic life skills instead of the history of gay people.
We definitely should be teaching our kids basic life skills. Compassion and kindness are pretty basic.

I don't believe in gay people.
Listen. I'm just a straight mom in a tiny Midwestern farm town, but y'all. I'm pretty sure they're real. They are not a unicorn.

God doesn't approve of gays, so it shouldn't be pushed on our kids.
I believe God made every single person perfect in his eyes. Do you think God makes mistakes, or do you think all the gay people are faking their gayness in order to gain... what? Persecution? Am I missing another option here?

Teaching about LGBT is pushing kids to be gay.
Ok. There are people who test the waters and realize it's not for them. I have known gay people who tried to be straight, and straight people who experimented with same sex relations. Every single being has the right to be themselves. Taking some time to figure out who that is, is part of growing up. If you're someone who had everything figured out as a teenager, you're either still a teenager or you're still an idiot. Grow. Learn. Change. These are also our rights - nay, our responsibilities - as humans.

"Those people" are gross.
First of all, when you start an argument with "those people," just know you have immediately alienated anyone with any semblance of sense or compassion. Let those two words go.

Secondly, do you poop? Have you ever picked your nose? Does your bladder sometimes have a mind of its own due to childbirth or age? Have you ever thought you had to fart but it was something more? Ever had the stomach bug and seen your chicken pot pie a second time? Those things are gross and they are things we have all experienced at one point or another. I didn't see anyone running for the hills when my 4-week old son shat up his back, down his legs and all over his mother at a huge cookout. In fact, adults and children alike were still scrambling to hold and cuddle him. Let me tell you, that was gross! While we're on the subject of babies, the method in which we get them can be kind of gross, too. Sex is messy. Childbirth is horrendous. Kids smell terrible. We are all gross! Stop pointing your fingers at people who are different.

Inconsequential as my opinions may be, the fact remains that there are all varieties of humans sharing a world. Can we work to offer peace and acceptance to others who care to enjoy it?


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